LAD - New Museum opens 2021


Lahti’s new art, design and poster museum, LAD, brings fine arts, design, and poster design together under the same roof. The Lahti Art Museum and the Lahti Poster Museum will move to Malski´s new premises. 

The new museum is to open its doors in Lahti in 2021

Local residents and visitors to Lahti alike can soon enjoy a new art and design museum, which will focus on fine arts, design, lifestyle, and digital technology. The museum will find its home in the Malski centre, to be built on the premises of the old Mallasjuoma brewery. Demolition and construction work began in 2018, and the LAD is slated to open to the public in 2021. The Lahti Art Museum and the Lahti Poster Museum, which have never before had a permanent exhibition space, will soon move to the new premises.

Placing a focus on fine arts, particularly graphic design and poster art, the new museum will strive to hold exhibitions that are interesting even on an international level. The Lahti Poster Museum’s Poster Triennial, which began its life as a biennial event in 1970 and has been held in its current form since 2011, is an internationally renowned graphic design competition and exhibition. The exhibition centre, which is planning other regular triennials too, will expand in scope in the future.

The museum will showcase highlights from the collections of the Lahti Art Museum and Poster Museum, including works of art from the Vyborg collection.

A venue for both Finnish and international exhibitions and events, the museum will enhance the experience offered to visitors via the latest audio-visual techniques.


Malski, an innovative venue for work and culture

Breathing new life into the Lahti city centre, the Malski centre will house museum spaces, a restaurant, and a micro-brewery, while also serving as a workplace for numerous other professionals working in creative fields. In addition to giving rise to a novel collaboration concept, the complex offers an interesting place to visit where all those interested in urban culture can spend some quality time.


Additional information:

Timo Simanainen
Museum Director
+358 44 7161 301

Tiia Tiainen
Chief of Exhibitions/
Museum's project manager in TAJUMO project
+358 50 518 4591

Tuija Vertainen
Museum Curator/
Specialist in TAJUMO project
Art Museum
+358 44 4164 448

Hanna Suihko
Museum Curator/
Producer in TAJUMO Project
Poster Museum
+358 44 4164 184

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