Current Exhibition


Lahti Art Museum

Shared moments


Shared Moments is the Lahti Art Museum’s exhibition on the theme of the centenary of Finnish independence. It takes a look at present-day Lahti, its people and their encounters, with artists associated with Lahti presenting stories of the city and telling what Lahti means to them. Their works form an entity of many voices, different perspectives and various groups of people.

The artists of the exhibition are Marja-Liisa Jokitalo, Susanna Judin, Miss Kompro, Aaro Matinlauri, Anna Rikkinen, Anne Roininen, Antti Salokannel, Anna Turunen, Johannes Wilenius and the residents of Ostoskatu 1.


Johannes Wilenius, Random 100. Photo: Tiina Rekola / Lahti City Museum