Lahti Historical Museum


Lahti Historical Museum is situated in the former main building of Lahti manor house. The building was designed by architect Hjalmar Åberg (1870-1935) and built during the years 1897-1898. The manor was in the ownership of Captain and Court Counsellor August Fellman and his family until the year 1919, when the town of Lahti gained possession of the manor. The town has used the main building to a variety of purposes. It has hosted schools and has been part of a military hospital during the war. In the mid 1960s Lahti historical museum became its new master.

The purpose of the Historical Museum is to collect, document, research, exhibit and publish historical, cultural-historical and ethnological material and oral tradition in its own area. The museum operates as the provincial museum of the Päijät-Häme region.

The latest renovation work of the manor house was carried out during the years 2001-2004, and the museum was re-opened to the public in the spring of 2005. Special exhibitions are situated at the first and third floor of the museum. The second floor hosts the permanent exhibition of the Klaus Holma Memorial Collection.


Lahdenkatu 4, 15110 Lahti
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Tel. +358 3 814 4536
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Ski Museum is closed 25.1.2017

Ski Museum is closed 25.1.2017 because private occasion.

Ski Museum is open

Ski Museum is open. Come to see the special exhibition "Lahti International Ski City"!

Museums are closed on Friday 30 December 2016

Historical Museum and Art Museum are closed on Friday 30 December 2016

Radio and TV Museum is temporarily closed

Radio and TV Museum is situated in the authentic radio broadcasting facilities from 1930's, in the central Radiohill park near Lahti City Centre.