from 16.2.2018

A la muerte con una sonrisa

To Death with a smile



Colourful celebrations of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, and a selection of Finnish contemporary art which is, surprisingly, equally colourful, are brought together at Lahti Art Museum to showcase the grand theme – with a smile.


The exhibition presents death-themed posters from Museo Mexicano del Diseño (MUMEDI).


 Julio Cesar-Loyola: A la muerte con una sonrisa!! Meksiko, 2016


They are displayed alongside a selection from Finnish artists featuring deathly subjects,

including classics from the collections of Lahti Art Museum: Hugo Simberg’s drawings featuring Death in houses and a garden.


Representing contemporary art, Tapani Kokko’s sculpture procession, an installation featuring Heidi Elisabeth Hänninen’s photo sculptures, Marjatta Tapiola’s paintings, Susanne Koskimäki’s glass art, Annika Dahlsten’s animation Nocturnal butterfly and Tiia Matikainen’s Bella morte ceramic sculptures fit the theme perfectly. The display is complemented by Sonja Siikanen’s photographs of Theatrum Olga’s ‘learning by art’ project.