Lahti International Poster Triennial


The Lahti International Poster Triennial celebrated its twentieth exhibition in 2017, an event suitably coinciding with the centenary of Finnish independence. The next triennial will be held in 2021. The event is being postponed by a year, because the Poster Museum’s exhibition facilities at the old Art Museum in Vesijärvenkatu Street closed at the end of 2018.

We are now preparing our new Art and Poster Museum LAD, which will open in Päijänteenkatu Street in the centre of Lahti in 2021. The 21st Lahti International Poster Triennial will be the opening exhibition at the new LAD museum.

The rules of the triennial will be announced and its webpages will be opened in April 2020. Registration for the poster triennial of 2021 will begin in August 2020.











The next
Lahti International Poster Triennial
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We publish the rules and the Triennal´s web site in April 2020.


The registration happens online via the official web site from August to November, 2020.






Exhibition catalogue of 2017 is available here.