The Radio and TV Museum offers plenty of interactive exhibits for visitors to try out and experience.

You can listen to old radio programmes and familiar voices from years gone by. Visitors can travel through the decades of time via old movie clips and TV programmes.

Make-up and Costume Department
In the make-up and costume departments, you can step across to the other side of the TV screen. Promising newscasters and weather forecasters can have a go in the news studio.

Chromakey Studio
How does an invisibility cloak work in movies? This will be revealed in the museum’s newly renovated green screen studio. The chromakey technology makes room for a multitude of possibilities. It is not an easy task to be a news presenter or meteorologist in front of the camera. Or is it? Come and try for yourself!

Radio amateur station OH3R
Radio amateurs can go on an adventure via the Arvi Hauvonen memorial station OH3R.

DX Listening Station
The DX listening station takes you on an audio journey to the frequencies of radio stations around the world and gives insight into amateur radio as a hobby.

Virtual reality exhibitions and educational games in Lahti City Museums.

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Blue Screen Studio

Chromakey studio

Make-up and costumes

Radio amateur station OH3R