Basic Exhibition:

Sense of Skiing


Basic exhibition "Sense of Skiing" tells the story of skiing from the point of view of both skiing enthusiasts and the professional athletes. 


Special Exhibition

High-Flying Finns– photographic exhibition

Jump aboard on a flight of emotions! The Ski Museum’s photographic exhibition illuminates the history of ski jumping and offers you the opportunity to experience the excitement of competitions from the climb up the hill to standing on the podium. Complemented by dramatic lighting, equipped with short captions, these high-quality pictures create a memorable experience. Over the decades, ski jumping has evolved from a pastime for young daredevils to a professional sport. Throughout its history, ski jumping has involved strong emotions: joy, admiration, concentration, tension, excitement and the sense of fellowship.

The exhibition is on display on the second floor of the Ski Museum. Come and experience the joy of success, the unbearable tension of waiting for results and the expression of strong feelings.

You will also find the Olympic and World Championship medals of ski jumper Matti Nykänen and own showcase to Eino Kirjonen.



High-Flying Finns -photographic exhibition.



Story of Lahti Ski Games

is a work of media art drawing the visitor into the world of winter and skiing. The large media wall offers a deep aesthetic experience rich in atmosphere from the world of the Lahti Ski Games and the Lahti Nordic World Ski Championships from 1920's to 2010's.