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In the Middle Ages, Artjärvi was part of the parish of Hollola, and later belonged to the administrative parish of Uusikylä. The municipality of Artjärvi was founded in 1886. The main village with the church is situated between lakes Villikkalanjärvi, Säyhtee and Pyhäjärvi.

The manors of the parish, Kinttula and Ratula, were established around the turn of the 1630s and 1940s. Near Ratula manor is the Artjärvi Local Heritage Museum, founded in the 1920s by manor-owner Gustaf Alexander Rotkirch and his wife Märtha Rotkirch. It is the oldest museum of local heritage in the province.

In 1882, the Artjärvi Reserve Company (Uusimaa Sharpshooter Battalion) was posted at Vuorenmäki between lakes Villikkalanjärvi and Säyhtee. The surviving buildings of the base consist of the Commandant's House and a former barracks now serving as the meeting hall of a local farmers' association.

Artjärven kunta- municipalitu of Artjärvi (in Finnish)