The Commandant's House

In 1882, a military detachment known as the First Reservist Company was stationed at Vuorenmäki in Artjärvi. The military base was built over the next two years, with the last building, for the commandant, completed in 1884. It was the year round residence of the head of the company, and it is still known as the Commandant's House.

In 1883, the Uusi Suometar newspaper reported on the Artjärvi base as follows:

" The officers' house and the infirmary are not yet been completely finished but are expected to be completed before long. The other buildings are ready.--- According to the daily schedule reveille is at 5 a.m., followed by training until 8. Breakfast is from 8 to 9. Lunch is between 12 and 3 and supper is at 7. Evening calls is at 8.30 --- The clothes given by the crown to the reservist are undeniably clear, but coarse and shapeless. A man dressed in them by no means arouses any aesthetic sensibilities. --- The cloth caps in everyday use are of such amusing shape that we can only say that their inventor must have had an excellent sense of humour to take out of the blue a cap model having nothing in common with the shape of the head or any other practical aspect ---" ( Uusi Suometar 17.8.1883, no. 190, p.1 ) The Reservist Company was discontinued around the turn of the century, and the remaining buildings consist of the Commandant's House and the present Farmers' Association hall, a barracks building moved to the site in the 1920s. The Commandant's House was restored with historical accuracy by the Artjärvi local heritage association and it can be rented for special events, celebrations and exhibitions. A memorial to war veterans stands in the yard of the Commandant's House.

Vuorenmäki is also an outdoor recreation area including, among other facilities, a sports ground, a beach and a camping area.

Local cycling

Take a look at Artjärvi by bicycle along a route of approximately 75 km. Maps and instructions: Kotiseutupyöräily (in Finnish)