The Antti's Car Museum

In a former cowhouse of the Vähälä farm in Vesivehmaa village, the Antti's Car Museum presents the cars from 20's to 70's. The building is restored during 2000-2005 for store room to owner's and other collectors' museum cars. The exhibits vary a little yearly. During the winter time there are about 30 vehicles. All cars are in shape to be driven and most of them are sometimes on the road during the summer, so it may be less to see in the summer.

At the Car Museum have been organized events, for example, open days and Car Clubs' gatherings. On the farm there is also a craft shop. The Car Museum is open by appointment.

The Antti's Car Museum is a private museum.

Address: Vesivehmaantie 308, 17130 Vesivehmaa
Open: by appointment
Enquiries: leantti(at)phnet.fi, Antti's Car Museum Antti Vähälä tel. 040-5559265, Car Museum's craft shop Lea Lahti tel. 040-7453255
Further information: http://koti.phnet.fi/leantti/automuseo.html (in Finnish)