The Vääksy Canal and environs

Joining lakes Vesijärvi and Päijänne, Vääksy Canal was built between 1868 and 1871. It is 1,315 metres long and Finland's most actively used canal for boating. There are also many things to see and experience in the environs of the canal, including three museums - The Leisure Fishing Museum, the Vääksy Water Mill and Hydroelectric Power Station Museum and the Danielson-Kalmari Villa along with cafés and art exhibitions (in Finnish). There is a nature path (in Finnish) near the Vääksynjoki River presenting the special features of the locality.

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Asikkalan kunnan matkailusivuilta - Tourism web pages of the Municipality of Asikkala

Asikkala Ice Age Route

The Asikkala Ice Age Route tells the story of how nature and the landscape have developed and changed in the southern Lake Päijänne area. Along the route, the traveller visits unique locations where the Ice Age and the history of Lake Päijänne and other lakes are explained. Along the Ice Age Route, which has a total length of 100 kilometres, there are currently seven different information boards.

Asikkala Ice Age Route

The Kalkkinen Canal

The Kalkkinen Canal was built in 1875-1878 mainly for log floating and was renewed in 1961-1964. Over a kilometre long and 20 metres wide, the canal joins lakes Päijänne and Ruotsalainen. Kotasaari Island by the Kalkkinen Rapids southeast of the canal has revealed finds from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

Kalkkisten kylä - Kalkkinen village

The Joen Torppa Flax Croft

The history, growing and processing of flax are presented at the Joen Torppa Flax Croft. There are demonstrations of flax working and visitors can try their hand at the crafts. Open during the summer months from 6 June until 29 September.