The Vääksy Water Mill and Hydroelectric Power Station Museum

There have been water mills in the Vääksynjoki River, flowing next to Vääksy Canal, since the 15th century. The mill building now serving as the water mill and hydroelectric power station museum dates mainly from the 1930s. The museum presents the use of water power for grinding grain and producing electricity. There is also an old roof-shingle plane powered by a water wheel. Exhibits include measures for grain and flower, and tools used in mills.
Visitors can also try their hand at grinding with a hand-quern.
Demonstrations of grinding grain and community singing evenings are held at the mill.

The museum is maintained by the Municipality of Asikkala.

Address: Vääksy Canal
Open: 15.6.-22.8.2010 Wed.-Sun. Noon - 6 p.m.
Enquiries: Päijännetalo (03) 888 6680 / 044 7780 701 / matkailuinfo(at)asikkala.fi