The Museum of East Häme

The Museum of East Häme is housed in the buildings of Koskipää Manor near the Tainionvirta River. It is a regional museum of seven localities in East Häme, owned by a museum association established in 1928. President Relander of Finland officially inaugurated the museum on 30 June 1929, and it has been open to the public since then.

Koskipää was one of the largest manors of East Häme, having been owned by the Silferbögel, Tandefelt and von Gerdten families. The museum includes the main building of Koskipää Manor from 1828, a 17th-century chimneyless cabin, a storehouse with a meal bell from the 1820s, cellars from the 1750s situated beneath the storehouse, a wagon and cart shed and a windmill. The windmill is the only structure that was moved to the site; all the other buildings are in their original locations.

The museum displays manorial interiors of the 19th century and folk and peasant artefacts of East Häme. It also includes the study of the author Maila Talvio from Laaksola, her home in Helsinki, and a room dedicated to the memory of Uuno Kailas. The chimneyless cabin has been outfitted as a 19th-century interior in Sunday appearance. The wagon and cart shed contains the manor's carriage and agricultural implements. The museum collections include a section on the former parish of Vuoksenranta on the Karelian Isthmus, containing objects and memorabilia from evacuees from Vuoksenranta, which was cede to Russia during the Second World War. The items are from the Karelian Isthmus and the evacuees' journey to their new homes.

On the river bank is Vanha-Koskipää, the manor's earlier main building, dating from the 18th century. Vanha-Koskipää is owned by the municipality of Hartola, and temporary exhibitions are held there in the summer months.

The Museum of East Häme arranges special tours related to local manors, prehistory, authors and cultural history by appointment. For more information, please contact museum keeper Vesa Järvinen.
The Museum of East Häme is kept by the Itä-Hämeen Museoyhdistys museum association.

Address: Koskipää, 19600 Hartola
Open: Daily, summer months 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.,
winter months Noon - 4 p.m. Other visiting times by appointment
Enquiries: Keeper Vesa Järvinen tel. (03) 716 1252, 044 0770 149, e-mail: info(at)ihmuseo.fi
Further information: Summer 2010 exhibition: Art from the museum collection.
www.ihmuseo.fi ( in finnish)