The East Häme Adult Education Institute

The East Häme Adult Education Institute is in the yard area of the former Eko (Echo) Manor by the Tainionvirta River. Eko Manor was separated from Koskipää Manor in the late 18th century, when Adolf Tandefelt commissioned the construction of its main building. The Adult Education Institute began work in the manor in 1913. The main building burned down in 1923 and in the same year a new building by the architect Kaarlo Borg was completed. The log-built Mäkitupa and Veistola buildings, fomer wings of the old manor, date from the 18th century.

At the beginning of the birch lane leading to the Institute is a memorial to the old church of Hartola, which was built in the 17th century.
The Linna Hotel operates at the Institute.

Itä-Hämeen opisto ja Linna-hotelli - The East Häme Adult Education Institute and the Linna Hotel (in Finnish)

The Vuorenkylä Nature Path

The Vuorenkylä nature path in the municipality of Hartola includes sights ranging from a hop grove to caves with boulders. The location of the part and its sights are given on the Vuorenkylä web pages below.

Vuorenkylä (in Finnish)

The Harju Heritage Landscape Farm

Guided botanical outings are arranged at the Harju Heritage Landscape Farm. Over 300 different plant species are known from the lands of the farm, which are a traditional biotope of regional significance.

Harjun Perinnemaisematila - The Harju Heritage Landscape Farm (in English)
Matka Etelä-Suomen perinnemaisemiin - A Trip to the Heritage Landscape of South Finland (in Finnish)

Tollinmäki Manor

Tollinmäki Manor is an old estate originally provided in lieu of mounted military service to the crown. It is named after its original owners, the von Toll family. The present main building is from the 1830s. Rooms of the manor can be rented for special occasions and training sessions.

Tollinmäen kartano - Tollinmäki Manor (in English)