The parks of Heinola

Parks are an important element of the townscape of Heinola, and the city's main parks and green zones are a nationally listed urban park. Governor Robert de Geer's 1785 town plan for Heinola included the architectural element of a wide boulevard known as Perspektiivi (The Perspective) along which the residences of the provincial government officials were to be located ( the only remaining residence is the house of Chief Constable Aschan). A small park was established around the church already in the 1850s and the planting of the adjacent Harjupuisto park on the shore began in the 1860s and it was continued to the North in 1890s. The building of the Rantapuisto began in 1892, with the idea of providing a promenade for the enjoyment of guests visiting the spa at Heinola. The walks led to Harjupaviljonki pavilion (1901) where visitors enjoy the view.

Map and further information on the parks of Heinola:
Heinolan puistot (in Finnish)
Kansallinen kaupunkipuisto (in Finnish)

The Heinola Bird Shelter

The Heinola bird shelter is Finland's oldest facility for caring for injured wild birds, and it is also Heinola's most popular tourist attraction. The shelter has approximately 500 tropical and wild birds in its care, and temporary exhibitions are also held there. The Heinola water tower, with its exhibition rooms and café, is part of the shelter area.

Further information:
Heinolan lintutarhat - The Heinola Bird Shelter (in Finnish)

The Sport Institute of Finland, Vierumäki

The Sport Institute of Finland was established in 1927. The main building was designed by the architect Erik Bryggman, who won the public architectural competition held for the project in 1930. The building was completed in 1936 and inaugurated in 1937. It is regarded also internationally as one of the most important sports facilities of its period. Despite later alterations and enlargement, it still represents the early severe stage of functionalist architecture in Finland. The main building of the Sport Institute is protected by law.

Further information:
Suomen Urheiluopisto (in English)

The WPK Voluntary Fire Brigade Building

Designed by the architect Lambert Pettersson, the Neo-Renaissance style Heinola Voluntary Fire Brigade building was completed in 1891. It originally contained a restaurant, library and ready room, billiards room, buffet, a cabinet and other amenities, and it was a venue for celebrations, drama performance and raffles in support of voluntary fire brigade work, The house was sold to the city of Heinola in 1916 and it served as a school and a youth centre. Restoration and repairs were begun in 1996 and completed in 1998. As the original interior of the building had been lost through numerous alterations, it could not be restored but was instead recreated according to examples from the late 19th century. The WPK building is in use as a venue for meetings, seminars, training sessions and celebrations. It also houses Galleria Lambert, an exhibition venue of the Heinola Art Museum.

Further information:
WPK-talo (in Finnish)