The municipality of Koski was founded in 1865, and the parish is already mentioned in sources from 1410. The name Hämeenkoski was adopted in 1995.

The present main village of Hämeenkoski was already a central location in prehistoric times, and there was an ancient hillfort at Linnakallio near the present church. Hämeenkoski was also the site of a medieval stone-built church of octagonal plan almost unique in Finland. The ruins of this church, dedicated to Saint Lawrence, are near the built-up area of Hämeenkoski and there is a memorial at the site.

There are numerous rapids on the Teuronjoki River flowing through the centre of Hämeenkoski. There were previously several mills along the river, and Hämeenkoski was a site for significant early industries. A broadcloth mill founded by C. L. von Essen in 1857 was situated on the Teuronjoki River and a flaxworks was built at Hankalankoski Rapids. The restored industrial facilities of the Hankala flaxworks are open to the public in the summer months.

Hämeenkosken kunta - Municipality of Hämeenkoski (in Finnish)