Hämeenkoski Church

Hämeenkoski Church is a brick-built hall church constructed in the years 1867-1870 according to designs from 1849 by the architects E.B. Lohrmann and Jean Wik of the Superintendent's Office, the state building authorities of the time. The belfry was built earlier, in 1821-1826, as there had a previous wooden church (1735-1876) in the area of the cemetery near the present church.

Address: Toijalantie 11, Hämeenkoski
Open: 1.6.-15.8. 2009: daily 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Further information:
Hämeenkosken kappeliseurakunta - Hämeenkoski Evangelical-Lutheran Congregation (in Finnish)

The ruins of the Church of Saint Lawrence

The ruins of the medieval Church of Saint Lawrence are situated at the corner of the road to Käikälä and Keskustie road. This church of unique octagonal plan was built in the late 15th or early 16th century and had been abandoned by the year 1650. North of the ruins is a spring that is claimed in oral tradition to have been used for pre-Christian sacrifices and offerings. The ruins were discovered by State Archaeologist Hjalmar Appelgren in the 1890s. An excavation of the ruins was begun in 1962, but was not completed. The old cemetery and surroundings have been investigated in the 1990s by Finland's National Board of Antiquities and the Department of Archaeology at the University of Turku. Excavations revealed, among other finds, bones, grave-pits, coins and other artefacts.

A memorial has been erected at the ruins, and church services are held there in the summer in connection with the Laurin vaellus (The St. Lawrence hike) event.

Hämeenkosken kunta/muistomerkit (in Finnish)
Turun yliopisto/tutkimus/Hämeenkosken Pyhän Laurin kirkon arkeologiset kaivaukset (in Finnish)