The Hämeenkoski Local Heritage Museum

The Hämeenkoski local heritage museum is on Keskustie road, downhill from the church. This former granary building from 1856 has sections presenting local churches, craftsmen and village shops. Next to the granary is the main building of the Mustisto property moved from Etola village, with the porch, master bedroom and guest room decorated with 19th-century objects. In the yard is a two-storey loft shed from Hyväneula village. A special feature of the museum area as a replica of a front line dug-out shelter constructed by the war veterans of Koski in 1972.

The museum is maintained by the municipality of Hämeenkoski.

Address: Keskustie 36, 16800 Hämeenkoski
Open: 9.6.-4.8.2010 on Wednesdays 2 p.m.-7 p.m.
Entrance: Free of charge
Enquiries: Kirsi Nyström, Cultural Affairs/Municipality of Hämeenkoski:
Home pages in Finnish: www.hameenkoski.fi