The Hankala flaxworks

Hämeenkoski was an important flax-growing area and in 1888 the Tampereen Pellavatehdas linen mills established Finland's first mechanized flaxworks at the Hankalankoski rapids. The facilities were in industrial use until 1955. In addition to the old flaxworks, the former manager's house and office building, a mill cabin and a storehouse are located at the site. The buildings have been restored and the mill dam has been repaired. The buildings and structures are a well preserved industrial site of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The flaxworks stages exhibitions and a crafts fair in the summer months and there is also a café in the building.
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Monument to Ernst Ruben Lagus

The monument to Major-General Ernst Ruben Lagus (1896-1959) is on an outcrop of bedrock in the centre of Hämeenkoski. It was realized by war veterans in 1974. Born in Hämeenkoski, Lagus was the first in the Finnish army to receive the Mannerheim Cross of the Cross of Freedom Second Class. The decoration was awarded in recognition of "Colonel Lagus and his troops having liberated through heavy fighting a large part of the Lake Ladoga region of Karelia and having crossed the former border of Finland".
Hämeenkosken kunta/muistomerkit - Municipality of Hämeenkoski/monuments (in Finnish)

Monument to Juho Kusti Paasikivi

Juho Kusti Paasikivi (1870 - 1956), former president of Finland, was born in the village of Huljala in Hämeenkoski. His parents, Johan and Karoliina Hellstén were on their way to the city of Lahti, but because of the childbirth they had to stop at Hämeenkoski. Juho Kusti was baptized at the vicarage of Koski (present-day Hämeenkoski). The monument at the birthplace of the former president is in the village of Huljala at the corner of national highway 12 and the road leading to Kärkölä.
Hämeenkosken kunta/muistomerkit - Municipality of Hämeenkoski/monuments (in Finnish)

Jokela Manor

Anders Korhonen, owner of the Koski Broadcloth Mill (1857-1928) built Jokela Manor in the 1880s. At present, this two-storey residence in the Neo-Renaissance style provides accommodation and caters to booked events and festivities. Art exhibitions held in the summer and there is also a restaurant operating in the summer.

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