The Hollola Local Heritage Museum

The Hollola Local Heritage Museum is situated next to the medieval church of Hollola and it consists of a museum displaying artefacts and a farm museum area. Located in the farm museum area are a total of sixteen structures, including the Hentilä and Ylä-Kölli farmhouses, storehouses, a smithy, a threshing shed, a malt-drying sauna, stables, a carriage shed and a croft.

Permanent exhibition presenting the results of archaeological excavations in the Hollola area. Textiles donated to the local heritage association are on show in the Ylä-Kölli farmhouse. The annual sahti ale championships of the municipality of Hollola are held at the farm museum before Midsummer, in addition to a community singing evening in July and a Christmas carol evening about a week before Christmas. Various demonstrations of crafts skills have also been held at the site. The local heritage fair is staged every other year either in the museum area or in the square by the municipal office building. The museum is maintained by the Hollola local heritage association.

Address: Rälssitie 6, Hollola kk
Open: : 29.5.-29.8.2010 Tue.- Sun. Noon - 6 p.m.
Entrance: Adults € 2
Guided tours: Museum area guide Irja-Elisa Salmi tel. +358 41 440 5450 (bookings for groups)
Enquiries: Museum area guide Irja-Elisa Salmi tel. +358 41 440 5450 (bookings for groups), Chairman Kirsti-Liisa Virta tel. +358 400 156140 and secretary of the Hollola local heritage association, email : sihteeri.kotiseutuyhdistys(at)phnet.fi