The Hollola Culture Route

Comprehensive and detailed information on the cultural and historic sights of Hollola with descriptions and maps are on the tourism pages of the municipality of Hollola.
Hollolan kulttuuritie (PDF) (in English)

The Municipal Hall

The old municipal hall of Hollola is located opposite to the church. It was built in 1902 according to the designs of architects Nyström-Petrelius-Penttilä from 1902, and it is one of Finland's oldest public buildings in the national-romantic style. The municipal council of Hollola met in the building until the 1940s, and since then it has served as a library, a child welfare clinic and a cafeteria. It is presently in use as a café.
Hollolan kulttuuritie (in English)

Pyhäniemi Manor

Although the village of Pyhäniemi is mentioned for the first time in historical sources from 1467, the area was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Pyhäniemi manor was formed in the 18th century from the largest farms of the village, and it has belonged to the Ammondt and Collin families, among others. The manor had a sawmill and a wheelworks, and it engaged in agriculture on an extensive basis.

The two-storey main building is from the 1820s and its present appearance dates from renovation carried out in 1907. The large auxiliary building flanking the yard was built in the 1880s. The manor is surrounded by a park and a tree-lined lane leads to the main building. In the 1930s it was a location for many Finnish films, and from the 1980s until 2003 summer art exhibitions were held there. The manor is presently in private ownership.

Messilä Manor

Messilä or Tiirismaa manor was founded in the 1630s. The oldest information on local settlement is from 1403. In the 19th century, local crafts industries were concentrated in Messilä, which had a broadcloth mill, a sawmill and a flour mill, and workshops for dyeing, weaving and saddle-making. Furniture was also made at Messilä until the 1910s. At present Messilä is a holiday and leisure centre with a wide range of amenities including a hotel, restaurants, riding stables, ski-slopes and cross-country skiing and riding routes.
Messilä (in English)

Kiikunlähde Spring

Kiikunlähde spring, Finland's largest spring pond, is situated at Uskila in Hollola. The pond discharges as large springs in three directions, into the waters of the Kymijoki River, the Kokemäenjoki River system and the small rivers discharging into the Gulf of Finland. The pond is 100 metres long and 400 metres at its widest. There is a parking area and an information sign at the site. Please remember that the spring pond and it surroundings are private property.
See Hollolan kulttuuritie - The Hollola Culture Route (in English)

Studio Asta Pulkkinen

Paintings, jewellery and gifts in the old residence of the church cantor.
Hollolan kunta/Arts (in English)

The Honkalinna Studio and Gallery

Paintings by the artist Juhani Honkanen, a sculpture park and an open-air theatre, along with paintings by Manja Biela and Jere Honkanen.
Honkalinna (in English)

The Old Fire Station Studio and Gallery

The studio of painter Timo Jakola is in the old fire station of Hollola, which was built in 1952.

Timo Jakolan kotisivut - Timo Jakola's homepages (in Finnish)