The Kärkölä Local Heritage Museum

The Kärkölä local heritage museum is situated in the park of Huovila manor, near the village of Kärkölä Church. The park and the museum offer an experience for visitors and there is also a café in the area. The buildings erected in the museum area and their objects and exhibits present rural life of the 19th century in the historical province of Häme. In addition to the main building, dating partly from the 18th century there are storehouses, a threshing shed, a smithy, a malt-drying sauna, a cabin for housing the old and the infirm, and a granary with exhibits of artefacts. The oldest artefacts are Stone Age implements. The furniture on show was mostly made by local carpenters.

The museum displays an exhibition changing each summer, and various events are held in the area.

The museum is maintained by the Kärkölä-Seura local heritage association.

Address: Museontie, Kärkölän kk
Open: 23.5. - 22.8.2010 Tue-Sun 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Entrance: Card for entrance to Huovila (valid throughout the summer 2009) adults € 5
Enquiries: Ilkka Kari, chairman of the Kärkölä-Seura association tel. + 358 3 765 1041
Further information:
Park café open 23.5. - 22.8.2010 Tue.- Sun. 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.
The Huovila Park open daily 10 a.m.-8 p.m:; guided tours in the park 23.5. - 22.8.2010 Tue.- Sun. at Noon and 2 p.m., other times by appointment: jukka.koponen(at)karkola.fi