Mäntsälä Church

The present brick church of Mäntsälä is the fourth church of the parish. It was built in 1866 according to designs by the architect Jean Wik, who also designed Orimattila Church. The building is of the long church type with a west tower.

The altarpiece is the "Adoration of the Shepherds" painted by the German artist Bernhard Reinhold and one of the few altarpieces in Finnish churches depicting the birth of Christ. It was donated to the church in 1874 by Hugo von Qvanten, owner of Ylikartano manor in Mäntsälä. The gilding of the frame of the altarpiece was paid for by the other upper-class members of the congregation.

Four funerary coats of arms in the church tell of the prominent manorial culture of Mäntsälä. The oldest is the coat of arms borne at the funeral of Lieutenant von Vietinghoff in 1674. His family owned Hautjärvi manor. The three other coats of arms are for members of families related to Mäntsälä manor: Anders Möller, Peter Nassokin and Johan Thewitz.

In connection with repairs carried out in 1991, the Koivisto Society deposited a chandelier of gilt bronze in the nave. The chandelier had originally been donated to Koivisto Church in Karelia in 1904.

Visitors arriving at the church will see on the right the cemetery for the war dead designed by the artist Ilmari Wirkkala. Next to it stands "The Maiden of Karelia", a memorial to the deceased remaining in Karelia sculpted by Professor Heikki Varja. Near the stairs leading to the west door of the church are memorials to both sides who fought in the civil war of 1918.

Mäntsälä Church is part of the Finnish highway churches programme.

Address: Vanha Porvoontie 8, Mäntsälä
Open: 8.6.-16.8.2009 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Guided tours: Guides present Sun.-Fri. 10 a.m. 6 p.m.
Enquiries: 019 6881 291
Further information: The church includes a museum room