Significant prehistoric antiquities are known from Nastola, from the environs of lakes Ruuhijärvi and Arrajärvi, among other locations. Towards the end of the Iron Age, there were large areas of settlement in Nastola and apparently lively contacts with the east and the west. Nastola (under the name of Uusikylä) is mentioned in sources from 1555 as a chapel of the parish of Hollola. It is also known for its manors, which emerged during a period of royal donations in the 17th century from peasant farms or local farm properties providing mounted service for the crown. The manors of Orrila, Toivonoja and Seesta are privately owned, and Ersta Manor currently houses the art and activity centre of the Kaarisilta association.

During the 1950s and 1960s this former rural parish developed into a modern industrial locality. During a few years of the 1960s, more industrial space was built at Nastola than in other locality in all Finland. Visitors can seen an example of the older industrial heritage of Nastola at Immilä mill.
Nastolan kunta - Municipality of Nastola (in Finnish)