The Ruuhijärvi Culture Path 

The village of Ruuhijärvi is approximately 12 kilometres from the centre of Nastola. Archaeological research shows that the region of the village was permanently settled by the end of the Iron Age at the latest. The area grew in prosperity because of good communications such as water routes, and other settlements emerged in the vicinity.

The Riihijärvi Culture Path features prehistoric remains and the old cultural landscape of Häme dating back to the Iron Age. The path starts next to the centre of the village and follows a route of approximately two kilometres. The information sign of the route is in the yard of the Youth Association Meeting Hall (Nuorisoseurantalo). At the beginning of the path is the cemetery of Ristimäki near the meeting hall. There is a memorial stone in the yard of the hall. According to archaeological excavations, there was a Crusade Period (1050-1150/1300 AD) or partly Early Christian cemetery at the site. The dead were inhumed with personal ornaments, tools and other objects as grave-goods. The women's graves in particular were richly furnished and contained brooches, pendants and other items. The sacrificial rocks at Leikkola farm are on the route, on both sides of Pokantie road. An outcrop of bedrock approximately 50 metres long on the south side of the road contains five cup-shaped depressions made for offerings, three of which are distinct. The cups are at the northeast end of the rock. There are also four cup-shaped depressions at the northeast end of an outcrop of bedrock on the north side of the road. Sacrificial stones and bedrock sites are generally dated to the late Iron Age and they were possibly related to the farming culture of the period. Plants indicating old settlement, such as maiden pink and field garlic, still grow at the offering sites at Leikkola.

Please remember that the sites along the route are on private land - please follow the path marked on the map. (in Finnish) 
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