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The Päijät-Häme Museum Journey pages in English have opened.

These pages are part of the ERDF Project "Features of Päijät-Häme - content for the regional identity (2003-2008). The project is funded by the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme and is administered by the Lahti City Museum. The purpose of the project is to increase knowledge of regional history and to reinforce local identity. The project leader is museum director Esa Hassinen, tel. 03-814 4500, esa.hassinen(at)lahti.fi.

The Internet pages are mean to improve the accessibility and exposure of museum and other cultural heritage sights and attractions in the Päijät-Häme region. The Päijät-Häme Provincial Museum's area of operation includes the municipality of Mäntsälä, the sights of which are also on these pages. Contact information for the various museums is to be found in the information boxes on the pages. There is also a joint brochure on the museums of the region in printout format.

In addition to the museums, there is also information on the (pre-1917) churches of the region, officially protected under Finland's Church Act, and the church of Kuivanto village as part of a regionally valuable built cultural and historic local. Also included are Ristinkirkko Church and the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Lahti , both of which are so-called highway churches open to travellers.
The prehistoric sites on the pages are listed according to the Prehistory Tourism Project of the Archaeology Unit of the Lahti City Museum. The sites are supplied with information signs and they can be easily accessed by tourists travelling on their own. 

The pages contain summaries presenting sights of cultural and historic interest and nature and family-related locations. The main contact information and descriptions of these sites are given on their own pages or those of the municipalities concerned, which have links on the Päijät-Häme Museum Journey pages where possible.

Page content, updates and corrections: 
researcher Marianne Koski, tel. 03-814 4492, marianne.koski(at)lahti.fi