The Granary Museum 

The local heritage museum of the Padasjoki-Seura association is in a former granary on Laivarannantie road in the main village of Padasjoki. The granary was built in 1850 to serve as a store for lending grain, and the museum was opened to the public in 1956 in connection with a local exhibition of agriculture and forestry. A larch-lined lane leads from the next to the granary to Saksala manor.

The museum collections contains items from different parts of the parish, including exhibits presenting local craftsmanship, hunting and fishing gear and school-related artefacts. The museum's small cafeteria is in use during a heritage fair arranged in the summer, when local entrepreneurs sell their products in the museum yard area. 
The museum is maintained by the Padasjoki-Seura association.

Address: Kirkonkylä, Kuusikuja
Open: by appoinment
Enquiries: Padasjoki-Seura association, Atte Härkälä, tel. +358 50 025 3994