Ars Auttoinen'09 art&design

Art and design exhibition & summer café in an old village school in Auttoinen. 
Open 16.6. - 16.8.2009,Tue - Sun 11 am- 6 pm.

Enni Id's Cabin

The small home of Enni Id (1900-1992), a naivistic artist of Padasjoki, at Seitniemi is a total work of art rich in colour. It is painted from floor to ceiling with the artist's favourite themes: floral and plant ornaments and cats. Oil paintings by Enni Id also took as their themes angels, devils and the peasant uprising known as the War of the Clubs. The general public came to know her works through a showing of naivistic art at Kunsthalle Helsinki in 1973.

The cabin is owned by the Padasjoki-Seura association. Members of the Padasjoki 4H association run a summer cafeteria in the cabin, which is open on weekends from Midsummer until the end of July.

Padasjoki 4H association (in Finnish)