Manors of Sysmä

Sysmä is known as a locality of manors in East Häme. The largest number of manors, some thirty, was in the 19th century. Over the decades, some of the manors were destroyed and some were torn down. At present, there are six manor houses dating from the beginning of the 19th century or earlier years. The leading noble families of Sysmä were the Tandefelts, Silfverbögels and Reids.

Tours for groups are arranged by appointment to three manors in Sysmä. The manors of Vanha-Kartano and Virtaa are in historic settings on the Tainionvirta and Virtaankoski rivers. Nordenlund manor in Nuoramoinen is also the location of significant prehistoric antiquities, including on of Finland's largest cup-marked offering stones. The natural environment of the manor displays great variety and it has been listed as a regionally important traditional biotope. 
The manor tours are arranged by the Eräella company
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Sysmä/History/Manor houses (in English)

The Mynnilä Arboretum

The Mynnilä Arboretum was established in 1998, and it consists of three properties, Salmela, Mynnilä and Hörhä, with a total area of 101 hectares. Over 100 species of deciduous trees and conifers grow at Mynnilä in addition to perennials and bushes.
Mynnilän Arboretum (in Finnish)

Morganismi - Art, Science and Entertainment
Morganismi - Outsider Art & Science 

Original art by Morgan, sculpture path and decorative and utility objects in the village of Virtaa. Guided tour of the nature and prehistory path by appointment. Open during the summer. 
Morganismi (in English)

Musta ja Valkea Ratsu Puppet Theatre 

The Musta ja Valkea Ratsu (Black and White Horse) puppet theatre is at Onkiniemi 25 km north of Heinola. Puppet theatre performance, exhibitions of puppets, summer café and shop..
Nukketeatteritalo Musta ja Valkea Ratsu (partly in English)