The collections of the Historical Museum

The purpose of the historical museum is to collect, document, research, exhibit and publish historical, cultural-historical and ethnological material and oral tradition in its own area. The museum operates as the provincial museum of the Päijät-Häme region.

The museum's collections of approximately 41,000 objects are mostly related to the past and present of the city of Lahti and the Päijät-Häme region. Separate entities are the Klaus Holma Memorial Collection and the collection of the former Historical Museum of Vyborg (Viipuri). The museum's collection of coins and medals is of national significance.

The basic collection of the museum contains regional ethnological material that was mainly acquired during the first decades of the museum's activities. During the 1950s and 1960s the main focus was on acquiring carpentry tools, local peasant furniture and early industrial products from Lahti. At present, the museum mostly collects and documents items of local history from recent decades.


Lahti is a city of carpenters and cabinetmakers, and this is also evident in the growth of the museum collections, where the products of the furniture industry are a specific focus. An important addition to this material was obtained in November 2005 when Uponor Plc donated the Asko Museum Collection to the Lahti Historical Museum. Products of the local garment industry are added to the museum's textiles collection (KUVASIVU), where the main focus is on the 1950s and later times. The city's health-care, fire and rescue services and the local schools are all well represented in the museum with their specific collections.

Donations and purchases of objects are handled by the museum keeper responsible for the collections. Acquired items are cleaned, given a number and catalogued. The museum value of an object is enhanced by good information on its manufacture and use. An item whose history is known is like a story that can be told and from which information can be gained in the museum's exhibitions and other services.

The Museum's Collections Centre
Box 113
15 111 Lahti, Finland

Head of Collections Sari Kainulainen
tel. 050 5184 594

Researcher Päivi Vickholm
tel. 050 5984 526