Regional Art Museum

Photo: Photo Collection of Lahti City Museums, Tiina Rekola.

The regional art museum develops cooperation, acts as an art expert and promotes the recording of art and digital access to art throughout Päijät-Häme.

This means that the we study and record art from Päijät-Häme and related phenomena from the past and present, contribute to the promotion of public art, provide guidance and advice on matters related to art, provide services related to art in the whole of Päijät-Häme (both digitally and in person), maintain a database of art collections in the region and organise training on matters such as the presentation and preservation of art. We also work together with the art museums in Orimattila and Heinola. Our services cover all actors in Päijät-Häme from municipalities to associations, parishes and individuals.

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Päijät-Häme Regional Art Museum and public art